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mixed feeeeelingss

somebody please shoot me PLEASSSEEE m______m

it's been at least 15 days now...

It's mixed into my veins; it's cold, it's warm. This drug is pushing the txt out of my system.

I can not help it.

Tsubasa please pull me back ;o; takki help me

i'm not cheating on T&T there is no such thing i'm only taking a break because a break is given and a break i'm taking which i wouldnt have hoped and wanted to and there's definately nothing wrong with falling in love with another terrible relation because it's just out there and AHHHHHHHH HELP I NEED HELP!!!! Cuz i just really love twisted relationships not that it makes me feel anything nice but just that i'm a mental pretzel and like how i like sad endings i'm retarded and i obsess over things that makes my heart hurt crys. But like a sad pretzel i am i come back to the beginning where i'm just twistedly miserable pretzel but i dont eat pretzels, i dont know how they look like. But really, i'm in a mess here my brain is exhausted i dont sleep i'm not studying i'm not working. I need to live life again.


An a lighter note, Happy Bs to Becky :D kumabecky ~ stupid lj died last night i couldnt put it up at your 12 am :^(

I wish you a happy birthday and many happys and awesomes, all the luckinesses and joyness in the year.
Have a happy 19, it's a once in a lifetime experience :D not that anything really happens ._.
But all in all i wish you a wonderful birthday~

for you :D

On this day, i'd like to thank you for being so awesome :D!
&sorry for the incoherent rant above ^3^;;

i good student

Ooh~ i feel like such a goody student :D

i wa reaaaally studying!!! *LIES!CONTRADICTIONS!!!*

My middle term is in DDDDDD8 4 hours but study time ends in 1 hour!!!

Anyways, i'm 100% bipolar. probably not 100%, quizes are never accurate. But i never knew. right now i'm not nervous at all. Hm :/ i *thiiink* i should be tho 6.__.

But i;m REALLLY REALLY reading my texts that was supposed to be read and done for 3 weeks ago but.....
Ooh~ i'm excited for this midterm :D
I mean i know NOTHING about politics and that's what this course is about! :D
I'll be bsing about bs about stuff that i dont know on colonies.
or capitals which i still cannot understand.

MONOPOLIESSSS Monopoly. one something.

i fail but i win >;D i also need a personal translator.


i am sidetracked again but i really deeeeep studyied for at least 5 minutes!!!!



um... *scratches head*
That was NOT me. I was on safe mode. *kicks coffee*
Anyways, i failed. and i did not win. idk

... this halloween theme for LJ scares me D;

Takki loves Tsubasa.

This is from a while ago~~

I was looking for Tsubasa on Best Stage and Look at Star

and well,,, I got sidetracked XD

I want to make some icons but i fail at it

I couldnt help it. and Takki! why you stand like that xD

Credit to http://aoi-tori.org/dassou/

And I really liked this one tho i also fail at manip v___v
Maybe i should blurr the foreground some more..

i'm not done my drawing~~ i promised the next pic i put up would be sweet.. so i have to finish this one. which i dont want to. but i cant skip this one. aughhhhhh and...drawing excitment gone .__. i'm on the EDGE of giving up yes now is the perfect time to give up but i cant this little obsession would end soon anyways but i cant let them go yet i still love them so much but you dont even know what this truth is well i dont care about this truth but it's so superficial i dont even know what that word means but i love them so much you dont even know what you love I talk to myself D; *stoned*

October 17

My turning 19 was spent on finding out what kind of utensil I am a fork. idk

Each year the birthday happys die a bit, but none the less, a birthday should be a happy thing.

I hate crying on my birthday, it always happens. This year I cried from joy and of pain. (TOTALLY unintentional xDD)

The BIGGEST present is Takki visiting Tsubasa. Oh yes I used up my sister's boxoftissue to cry on. I be good all year now c: THANK YOU Takki m_ _m

Today is a very happy? day for me, the anniversary of (some) great things :

  • Firstly, a very Happy 27th Birthday to Tsubasa!!  May this year be full of happiness and awesomes. I wish you the best :D
  • Then I turn 19.  My dream birthday present was the awaited 26 album but nothing matters anymore cuz Tsubasa you are my happiness.  Please enjoy Takizawa's Revolution 83
  • My 2nd year of happy takitsuba loving.  2nd Birthday of my first official JE good :3 Takki's 2005 kuricon.

[ n o s e 2 n o s e ]

I can't decide between [ n o s e 2 n o s e ] or just [ n o s e ] :X

But anyways, this piece is for the most awesome person :D

And only for a limited time only! This comes in 5 different colors!!!! Choose from:
Buy now and you get a free ok i've been watching too many ads v _ v;;

[ n o s e 2 n o s e ]

Hello again October

What happened to September 31. why is it october???

Waaaait!!! :D September is *FINALLY* OVer (?)!!!!!

and it ended so nicely too = w =

Sayonara September. I hope we NEVER meet again ^^

This september had been nothing but a series of unfortunate event one after another starting Sept 1st @ 12AM :( not like the novel

I believe i have damaged my elbow due to excessive drawing pressure from leaning on it for too long.
It hurts touching it, it hurts not touching it. I was leaning on my SOFT OMG SOFT bed for just 5 + 2 + 4 = 11 hours
it doesnt have to hurt so much :/

Ok i done complaining. NEXT: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R9Y0a-ocFqM
E-Kids. What is.. exactly.


[sorry i make when i get home 8D In 10 hours *cries*]

+ + + + + + + + + + + +
And Hello October m_ _m
Please be nice not like September *grr*
And 26 Album please? Fwor me birthday :3 i be 19 soon :D
+ + + + + + + + + + + +

[ s o f a ]

i think i'm coming down with a cold =T _ T=

my nose is a little stuffy

yet it manages to run like a waterfall

and my throat, i cant even talk about it ha XD

So here is um.. [ s o f a ] *shy*

It's hard to draw on a laptop D:
Originally random sofa scene but 2wenty 2wo is +more fun 8D

[ s o f a]

Q: how is it for viewers to click the link and directly see the picture? Is it too sudden? should i let them scroll down to see the pic?

Previews is hard to make

my dinosaur hurts :c

making previews is hard :C

grammar is hard when is sleepy

pfwa deserves to be a new consonant sound

my brain stopped like 2 hours ago


vista fonts have this new one called "Cracked Johnnie"
i couldnt help myself and it kindaa fits with the text too

takki looks a little disturbed. but he is actually distracted.

[ a t t e n t i o n ]

takki please dont be so bracelet-shy, i just want to see how it looks like v __ v

and someone please take off takki's jacket, so i can see how his inner shirt looks like? o v o

... homework is SOooo easy to ignore 8D


So here is the awaited [ a t t e n t i o n ]
i'm sorry i dont think of creative names D:

[ a t t e n t i o n]

and thank you to those that have been commenting m_ _m
it's comforting cuz RL is being a real buttface right now

[ k i t c h e n ]

I.. I... I...... ; O ;
I dont know why i have been SO ridiculously careless recently *weeps*
I merged all my layers and forgot to undo before closing it
oh my heart cries

and on a funny yet not so funny note,
yesterday i dreamt my brother showed his "girlfriend" my drawings *wakes up screaming*

So i'm putting up [ k i t c h e n ] first~  i know i previewed [ a t t e n t i o n ] first, but ha! 8D

i have difficulties drawing bodies, tsubasa and takki look like children.
i mean not to make tsubasa so unreal happy :c
i merged my
layers :c *fidget fingers*
it's not supposed to be a cake.
and cream = hard to draw :(

original is nicer, so original it is. i mean i made it with layers

[ k i t c h e n ]


and a happy anniversary tackey and tsubasa ★ :D to an awesome 7th